Beth Bailey




I am an illustrator and watercolorist depicting scenes from the Pacific Northwest. After moving to Rainier, Oregon in 1987, I was sparked with interest at the local architecture and monuments. In 1992, I formed my own business called Creative Designs and began marketing my artwork. During that time, I became aware of various artists groups and joined the Columbian Artists Association and the Broadway Gallery. Since then, I have started creating new work in metal. After learning some skills in welding and plasma cutting, I started designing 3-D artwork which has been very popular at the gallery and other exhibits.

My interest in architecture lead to several commissions for individuals and businesses. I designed the City of Rainier logo, the Rainier Chamber of Commerce logo, and two banners for Longview. One of my illustrations, the Astoria Column, was purchased at an Astoria gallery and given to the sister city of Astoria, Waldorf, Germany. I was also commissioned by Shaver Tugs to draw one of their newest tugs using only architectural plans. This illustration was used for invitations to the christening of the ship. I continue to get commissions for individuals and businesses. It's always a good gift for a special person in your life.


"Oregon Depoe Bay Coast Guard Rescue"


"Lucia Falls"


"Salmon Run"

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